Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park

Ruins and Park

Salmon Ruins 1 mile west of Bloomfield and is an 11th century pueblo ruin related to the Chaco Culture group, which originated in Chaco Canyon. Covering an area of over two acres, the pueblo had two distinct cultural occupations: the first from the Chaco Culture group, the second called the San Juan Occupation.

In addition to the puebloan ruins is Salmon Ruins Museum, Heritage Park, and Pioneer Homestead. The Salmon Ruins Museum offers a variety of exhibits featuring the best of artifacts from our excavation collections. Historic materials on display range from unique cultural textile samples to rock art, mining, and more. The Heritage Park offers architectural replicas of Tipis and Hogans, a Wikiup and Pithouse, and a Trading Post and Sweatlodge for your enjoyment. The Pioneer Homestead was built by George Salmon in the early 1890s. Here you can see the original Salmon Family home, dugout, bunk house, carriage house, and well.

Travel tip: Ask about the special "pueblito" tours to Largo Canyon.

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