Water Reclamation Plant

Responsibilities and Services

We actively provide a safe discharge of treated water from domestic, commercial, and industrial sewage sources. Seeking ways to use this precious resource in a way that enhances our health, environment, and the quality of life for Bloomfield residents.

About Us

Bloomfield's Water Reclamation Plant prevents pollutants being discharged into the San Juan River. The personnel actively take on the demands and challenges offered by our current facility. The challenges provide the operators an opportunity to rely on each other as a team; and as a team they are capable of providing treatment solutions needed to keep our facility in compliance. The staff, though few in number, are professionals educated in the operation of Wastewater Treatment systems, and each operator has obtained Operator Certification, as required by New Mexico's Environment Department. The dedicated personnel at the Water Reclamation Plant continue to seek new and creative techniques for combating the various challenges presented to our treatment process.

While there are many areas to focus on for our plant's future, as always, Bloomfield continues to provide the excellent service the citizens and agencies have come to expect. Thank you Bloomfield for allowing us to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact to connect or disconnect services?

Contact Utilities at City Hall at (505) 632-6305.

Who do I contact for sewage overflow, backflow, blockage, water line breaks, or other service failures?

Contact Non-Emergency dispatch at (505)-334-6622.

Who should I contact for odor complaints?

Contact Water Reclamation Facility (505) 632-8474. If you do not feel your concerns have been resolved, feel free to contact Dave Sonnenberg (Plant Superintendent) (505) 516-9416, or Jason Thomas (Public Works Director) (575) 551-1120.

Why do we need to replace or renovate the Water Reclamation Facility?

We need to replace and renovate the Water Reclamation Facility because the facility is aging, equipment is obsolete requiring custom repairs for parts that are no longer available, and future structural/equipment failures that will make it difficult to maintain permit requirements.

How can Bloomfield residents help?

Residents can help out by limiting household waste to bodily waste and household cleaning, (dishes, laundry and regular household cleaning). Grease, chemicals, and items sent to the sewer system create many additional challenges to the treatment plant.

If your interested in volunteer work, we have a place for most people over 18 to be able to serve, please contact Dave Sonnenberg at (505) 516=9416.

How can I find out about Bloomfield's Treatment Performance?

You can see violations on EPA's and New Mexico Environmental Department's websites. We'd also be happy to show you our Discharge Monitoring Report requirements and results.

NMED Drinking Water Watch

How does Bloomfield's discharge affect the river?

Bloomfield is always very active is ensuring environmentally safe water is discharged to the river. Test are conducted on a regular basis and receives EPA and NMED oversight. While the water is "non-potable" (not safe to drink) it is of a superior quality than what is already in the San Juan River.

Important Links

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  1. www.epa.gov/npdes/municipal-wastewater
  2. www.epa.gov/environmental-topics/water-topics

National Rural Water Association (NRWA)

New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED)

Water & Wastewater Digests

Water Operator Careers

Staff Contacts

Water Reclamation Plant Supervisor
(505) 632-8474 (Plant Landline) (505) 947-3511 (On Call Operator)

1176 S. Church Street
Bloomfield, NM 87413
United States

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