City Manager


The City Manager works under the policy guidance and direction of the City Council and Mayor performing a variety of professional, executive, and managerial duties related to planning, directing, organizing, and controlling the administrative and executive processes necessary to carry out the efficient and economic operation of the City of Bloomfield.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Directs the planning, delivery, and evaluation of all municipal services and activities through subordinate department heads; assumes responsibility for full and effective utilization of City personnel by establishing overall departmental objectives, priorities and standards; serves as final hiring authority for all non-exempt and most exempt City positions, makes recommendations for department head appointments to the governing body; gives final approval for all recruitment and selection activities coordinated by the Human Resource department; in conjunction with the Human Resource department, monitors human resource management activities related to advancement, discipline, and discharge; supervises administrative departmental staff; evaluates performance; determines priorities and delegates assignments.
  • Manages the preparation and administration of the City's budget; submits budget and capital improvement programs to the mayor, department heads and council; monitors overall fiscal activity of the City to assure compliance with established budgets; apprises City council regarding ongoing financial status of the City; prepares periodic operational/financial reports for City Council review and/or approval.
  • Directs and evaluates the effectiveness of department heads through regular staff meetings and periodic reports; participates in all meetings of the City Council and present new/modified programs and policies for Council review and approval; represents the City of Bloomfield in meetings with State, Federal, and other local governmental agencies, and in meetings with professional organizations and local/regional citizen groups.
  • Manages the day-to-day operations and internal affairs of the City; develops policies, procedures and processes as needed to implement the decisions of the city council; interacts with the City Council to discuss/recommend new/modified services and activities to improve the health, safety, and/or welfare of the City's residents; performs and directs research on issues, policies, and political developments; advises and apprises governing body as needed; approves recommendations for executive and administrative actions; makes recommendations for legislative actions; conducts internal investigations, examines books, records and official papers of any office, department, agency, board or commission of the City as needed to assure integrity of operations and prevent impropriety.
  • Meets with City residents, attorneys, developers, consultants, vendors, and other parities to discuss/resolve issues of mutual concern and/or interest; facilitates/ensures public access to City of Bloomfield government and planning/development efforts/activities; informs/updates the City Council regarding all major matters, transactions, developments, and activities relating to the operations, services, and functions of the City.
  • Represents the city as directed by the governing body; participates in intergovernmental consortiums to establish mutual relationships and programs; facilitates and participates in interagency, intergovernmental and private enterprise programs and projects as needed.
  • Serves as arbitrator or adjudicator of complaints filed against or between city employees, departments, divisions, or services; negotiates to achieve mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Develops State-of-the-City reports; issues public statements to the press and responds to questions from the press related to city management, policies, procedures, administrative decisions, etc.; assumes responsibility for general public relations activities.

City Council Meetings

Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 915 N First St., Bloomfield, NM 87413.

Staff Contacts

City Manager
(505) 632-6300